2021-11-25 Количество выздоровевших превысило 20000

2021-10-08 Количество заболевших превысило 20000

2021-01-14 Количество выздоровевших превысило 10000

2020-12-20 Количество заболевших превысило 10000

Coronavirus COVID-19. Weekly data. Adygea

PeriodInitial% NewNewclosedRecoveredDeaths% DeathsResult

Coronavirus COVID-19. Treatment Period. Adygea

NumberRegisteredFinishPeriod (days)

* The treatment period is the difference between the date of registration of the conditional N-th case and the date of recovery or death). \
** Mortality is calculated as the ratio of the number of deaths to the total number of EXECUTIONS (recovered + died).